Ellen Heed, impassioned educator and anatomy expert, travels internationally teaching workshops about human anatomy, energetic potential, and sexual empowerment. Her passion for teaching anatomy was born out of a deep, long-term study of yoga. Her integrated teaching approach gives the student practical information which they can apply to themselves and their students immediately.

Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers
This course satisfied the 20-hour Anatomy requirement for the National Yoga Alliance in the USA. The dynamic three-day anatomy intensive will give teachers new tools to communicate the benefits of yoga. The intensive can be offered as a series of modular stand-alone workshops or in its entirety. Ellen Heed has a gift for translating the complex language of western anatomy into usable, practical concepts that yoga teachers can successfully integrate into their teaching. You learn names of bones, muscles, and connective tissues and how to locate them in your bodies. Why and how we are different from each other becomes the basis of how to use yoga as a tool to develop your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.

Format: 3 days, 8-1/2hrs instructional hours per day (include 90 min lunch break)
DAY 1: Bones & Muscles (Lecture)
DAY 2: : Connective Tissue (Lecture & 90-minute experiential yoga practice
DAY 3: : Digestion, Breath and the Nervous System (Lecture)
Physiology for Yoga Teachers
A unique blend: learning organ function from both a traditional western approach and Traditional Chinese Medical/Five Elements perspective.

In this intensive you will learn the macro anatomy  (where the organ is in the body) microanatomy and physiology (how the organ works), pathology (what goes wrong with organs), and how to adapt yoga practice to help heal organ problems. You will explore how to think about the organ from an energetic perspective. This includes what meridians and emotions are associated with each organ. Ellen will define what structural muscles and postural problems are associated with organ pathology from an east/west perspective.

You will learn how posture, psychology, physical trauma, nutrition, and organ cleansing directly affect organ function. You will discover how Yoga can positively affect disease states through better alignment. You will explore the notion of Spatial Medicine and its relationship to traditional Yogic practice.

This class brings physiology to life by using richly illustrated lectures, hands-on experience, lively Q&A, and stories from Ellen’s professional practice as a bodyworker, Yoga teacher, and craniosacral therapist. She teaches and demonstrates how to facilitate healing.
Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral work from the Visionary Tradition is about touching history; touching the movement and energetics of the bones of the cranium, sacrum, spine and pelvis. By using sensitive fingers and present attention, you learn to follow the dance of the bones and unwind longstanding patterns of tension and stored trauma.

Learn how to introduce craniosacral work into your practice as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, or as an interested student. Whether you are a new or seasoned professional, this class gives you tools and information to enrich your professional experience and help your clients, students, friends, and family.

You will learn the basics of cranial anatomy and learn protocols and theory that can be woven into a massage, or used as stand-alone treatments for:

  • Headaches
  • TMJ disorder
  • Neck, shoulder, and upper back tension
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica & sacroiliac pain
  • Rebalancing pelvic bones after childbirth or surgery
Chakra Anatomy Intensive

Each session will be a deep exploration of the anatomy, physiology, and energetics of the Chakras. You will dive into the mysteries of this ancient evolutionary system for spiritual growth and physical healing. Students will learn the multi-faceted physical aspects of Chakra Anatomy, including: the muscles, bones, connective tissue, glands, and neurology for each Chakra. You will explore your healing capacity through learning cleanse-rituals for the organs in each Chakra, and bodywork techniques to clear blockages and activate each energy pathway in our Chakra system.

Women's Sacred Anatomy

The pathway to our deepest sexual and personal healing begins with basic information describing how we are put together. This introductory one-day workshop for women only identifies and defines the function and location of female sensual and sexual anatomy to open our awareness to the fullness of our ecstatic potential. Using richly illustrated lecture, provocative dialogue Q&A, Ellen will answer your questions and demystify the complex organization of tissues that provide access to our deepest pleasures as women.

A step-by-step lecture using the latest anatomical information that thoroughly describes the anatomy of the pelvic floor. We will also explore the special energetics of each tissue in our pelvis, from bone and connective tissue to muscles and the emotions they hold. We will use Tantric Pranayama practice to awaken and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and gentle yoga to melt hips open and access the emotions that can lock us up and keep us numb. We will learn to release emotional holding in the pelvis using gentle bodywork techniques. There will be no nudity or genital contact in this workshop.

Sex Information you Never Got (SING)
The truth is, most of us are under-educated when it comes to sex. Join sex educator Ellen Heed to learn the difference between mystery and mastery. Ellen will reveal new anatomical data and the latest brain research to create a fresh understanding how sexuality and psyche influence each other in both men and women. This information will improve all your relationships, both sexual and non-sexual. Together we will uncover the missing details about what makes good sex, and how to use this information to upgrade to the best sex ever!
Hands-On Healing for Pelvic & Pelvic Floor Trauma
A training that addresses postpartum scars and pain for physical therapist, birth professionals, and sex educators

This training consists of practical information that will empower you to heal the women in your practice, and to help women help themselves. Learn how to use oils and clays to return scar tissue to optimum condition and take your clients, patients, and students out of pain.

Did you know:
- scars are not forever
- scars can become more resilient
- scars on mucosal membranes can disappear completely
- pain from scars can be eliminated in just three sessions

Pain in the pelvis and/or pelvic floor affects at least 80% of women in the postpartum period. Sometimes this pain clears on its own, but usually women are left with nagging discomfort that can last for years. These women often suffer in silence and are embarrassed to seek professional help. There has been little help offered, as many health professionals have no clue about what can be done to change or improve scar tissue. Ellen is pioneering her healing work for scar tissue and traveling internationally teaching these skills.