Emotions What is The Emotional Body? 

The Emotional Body is where old patterns of fear, anger, sadness, worry, and mistrust live in our physical body. 

As we grow and change over time, how and where these emotions take root will create who we become as we age. There are twelve secret trap doors into the unconscious mind that lie buried in our flesh. Using skillful dialog and hands-on work, Ellen challenges old beliefs and assumptions about who we think we are that limit us from living the life we want to live. As old beliefs are uncovered and examined, new options for change and growth are revealed, and clients move forward toward a meaningful future.

Clearing the Emotional Body, a Gateway to Radiant Health

Using a whole-body process that includes work with diet, muscles, bones, connective tissue AND the mind, Ellen has helped many clients make significant changes in their lives. Working with a broad array of issues, from acute dissociative disorders to sexual dysfunction, anxiety, and depression, Ellen utilizes all four gateways to radiant health to find the best approach to address the psyche of each of her clients. By revealing the secrets to nutrition, scar tissue, posture and emotions that were once locked in the body, clients find new resources that talk-therapy alone may have missed. 

Ellen’s work with sexuality and sex education is also central to healing the emotional body. Her work with body issues, including eating disorders, self-mutilation, shame and sexual abuse has helped many men and women recover their sexual vitality after surviving a traumatic past. Ellen believes in the truth of the body, and listens to that truth with skill and diligence. 

During her years of work in the Yoga community, Ellen has broadened the conversation to include sexuality, and has pioneered teaching sex education classes in Yoga studios across the globe. She looks forward to a time when sexual shame is addressed honestly, without bias. Starting a compassionate conversation about our sexual foibles and vulnerabilities is critical to healing our shame and  mistrust of the body. Yoga has sought to heal that mistrust, and by adding an honest appraisal of sexuality and inclusion of accurate sex information, that healing can only accelerate. 

Ellen is working toward her PhD in Somatic Psychology, and holds certifications in hypnotherapy and somatic sex education
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