Nutrition, Toxicity, Intestines, & Gut Flora

Are you missing an embodied connection to pleasure?
Your body is one nation under the rule of blood.

Your biochemical balance affects the way you experience pleasure right here, right now. Many people accumulate environmental toxins and chemical debris that affect their blood chemistry and the balance of gut flora inside their intestinal tract.

What can you do to regain this crucial balance and attain the pleasure of radiant health?

The Nutritional Gateway to Radiant Health - the GAPS Diet

The biochemical gateway to radiant health starts inside your intestines, in the hollow organs that make up your digestive system.

You house billions of bacteria in your intestines, which actually influence your behavior and the way you interpret your world. If these bacteria get out of balance, your behavior and orientation can shift, in ways that change your selfperception. An imbalanced gut flora can lead to depression, learning disorders, anxiety, mood problems, attention regulation disorders, hormonal problems, and chronic inflammatory conditions.

And thatís just the beginning.

• Generational exposure to antibiotics and vaccines,
• Ever-increasing environmental toxins in our land, food, and its packaging
• Pollutants in our watershed
• Off-gassing of building materials in our homes, schools, and workplaces

All of these issues create an overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses in our gut lining. The ensuing infections affect your mental and physical health.

The GAPS Diet has provided a solution to the complex problem of rebalancing blood chemistry and gut flora for thousands across the globe. The GAPS Diet is a whole-life makeover that works to establish good bacteria in the intestinal lining. It goes far beyond traditional cleansing to remake your gut lining and benefits immunity, hormonal balance, mood disorders, inflammation, and more. Ellen Heed is one of a handful of GAPS practitioners personally trained by Natasha Campbell McBride, creator of the GAPS diet.
Ellen is a certified GAPS practitioner