Scars Scars Happen! How Bodywork Can Help

Scars are a fact of life. Due to surgeries, illness, infection or childbirth, scars are our decorations for a life fully lived. 

But scars can shut down circulation to otherwise healthy tissue. Scars can prevent effective lymphatic drainage away from those tissues. This will affect the proper function of muscles, organs, glands, and especially the pelvic floor, causing pain in places we might never guess were related to scars. Ellen has pioneered new hands-on techniques for working with scar tissue, whether from recent procedures or years-old injuries. 

Scar Tissue Remediation and Self Help Education:
Gateways to Radiant Health

Scars are the cause of many mysterious problems. Who would ever connect a postural issue like Dowager’s Hump to an old appendectomy scar or a urinary tract infection? Or painful intercourse to a C-section? Every day, women and men undergo procedures that affect the rest of their sexual and postural lives. Often with no idea that there may be risks involved, or unintended consequences. There is very little conversation about scars and painful sex for women after childbirth. Women have been embarrassed to speak up, even to their doctors, husbands, or life partners, and continue to suffer in silence. Now there is an alternative to painful sex after childbirth or other changes to the pelvic floor. 

By combining new techniques with traditional remedies, Ellen gently and effectively coaxes the hard, tight places into new resilience, and scar tissue begins to melt. This means fresh blood supply and better lymphatic drainage for places that may have been tight, dry, stinging and burning since the arrival of a new child or an old injury. Problems with urinary function and even erectile dysfunction can shift with the effective application of scar tissue remediation and basic self-help education. 

Scars don’t have to limit your life. There is so much that can be done to change them, from the best of self-help education to the careful application of hands-on techniques.
Find out what is possible.
You CAN make a change in your scars and their consequences!
Ellen works hands-on with scars
and trains professionals in
Scar Tissue Remediation Techniques
for the pelvic floor, specializing in
birth related injuries and C-sections
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