Workshop details

Event   Functional Anatomy of Yoga - Los Angeles, CA
Date   Mar 3, 2017 - Mar 5, 2017

This dynamic three-day anatomy intensive will give teachers new tools to communicate the benefits of yoga. Ellen Heed has a gift for translating the complex language of western anatomy into usable, practical concepts that yoga teachers can successfully integrate into their teaching. You learn names of bones, muscles, and connective tissues and how to locate them in both your own and your student’s body. Why and how we are different from each other becomes the basis for how to use yoga as a tool to develop your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. Open to yoga teachers and body workers.

Cost is $350 plus $25 for the manual. Location is in a private home and will be sent once you register.

Teacher(s)   Ellen Heed

Workshop venue

Location   Private residence - Los Angeles
Address   Los Angeles, CA
Hosted by   Liberation Yoga
Phone   323.964.5222
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