Radiant Health What is RADIANT HEALTH? 

How many people wander from one modality to another, one practitioner to another in search of healing? When you feel lost and confused, it can be frustrating when it comes to connecting the dots between all of the elements that create radiant health. Finding a practitioner who can explain the relationship between the right food choices, postural habits, scars, and emotions is rare. Finding hands-on expertise in anatomy, sexuality, bodywork, and nutrition is exceptional. Have you become accustomed to believing that health is the cessation of pain? Ellen believes that true heath is a palpable feeing of pleasure that you can tune into at any moment. Find out what the pleasure of true, radiant health feels like in YOUR body!

What can I expect during a session?

After a thorough assessment, Ellen makes a personal health plan for each of her clients that includes self-help tips for food choices, reference books, massage techniques, sex education, relaxation tools, and more. Ellen works in partnership with her clients to save them time and money when it comes to optimizing their radiance and meeting their health goals. She uses her extensive training as a hands-on practitioner to get deep into tight tissues in need of release, ridding the body of physical blockages and melting long-held tensions so the warmth of health can radiate throughout the entire meridian system. She is an impassioned sex-educator who  is eager to help make the best tools available, so her students can meet and exceed their expectations of what is possible in this life. She works in depth with the emotional body, allowing the beauty inside each of her clients to shine through as they learn to articulate and actualize their dreams. 

Ellen is working toward her PhD in Somatic Psychology, and holds certifications in hypnotherapy and somatic sex education
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